• Welcome to our online coop.

    Please come on in... but mind the chook poo (not to mention, the shameless puns)!

    But first, a wee blurb about us:

    Like all high-flying chickens, we flap with TWO WINGS. One that produces films for TV broadcast (like Snake Boss for Discovery Channel, or The 100+ Club for ABC TV), and the other for govie, NGO and corporate nests - please check out some of these on our YouTube channel).

    We may cook up all types of films for all types of screens (from scratch), but no matter what comes out of our Coop in Spring (Chicken) Hill, all Flickchicks films come lovingly baked in creative juices and 11 secret spices…

    We're currently sitting on a clutch of golden eggs so please follow us on social media to see how they're hatching out.

    (Told you the puns were shameless.)

    Thank you for choosing to 'come fly' with us!

    ABN: 28 443 219 914

    Last updated: September, 2017